How Marketing Directly Impacts Business Success

An article outlining the high value and proven ROI of marketing written by a marketing agency can naturally be viewed as biased and self-serving. But it doesn’t make it any less true or relevant, especially in today’s interconnected economy. Marketing is a force multiplier for companies, working 24/7 to generate leads and new business in support of direct sales efforts. This is especially significant for small to mid-sized operationally-driven companies.

Women are Trucking Through the Glass Ceiling

Convention has it that little boys play with trucks and little girls play with dolls – and those toys help form their interests as they grow up into men and women. Today’s society generally teaches both genders from an early age that they “be anything they want to be” and pursue a career in any profession. Such opportunity doesn’t come without its obstacles though, particularly if you’re a woman pursuing a field that is historically for men.

Transportation Marketing with Alter

Marketing is ever-changing. You must see it in the way you consume your content today compared to even a few years ago. In a digital age with capabilities beyond our imaginations, businesses must strike a delicate balance between good old-fashioned sales and marketing combined with leveraging the power of digital marketing technology.

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