Our Story

Our story began in 2014, helping Pace USA expand its brand presence through content marketing. That early work took the form of blogs, newsletters, and social media, which over time successfully improved Pace’s SEO and still organically generates inbound sales and driver leads. In early 2022, we bid on and won the social media management for ECA, A Delivery Industry Alliance, and our agency took off from there! We continue to grow with a unique focus on transportation and logistics.
We’ve solidified processes, built expertise, added valued clients, and – most importantly – partnered with energetic and talented colleagues who have deep marketing experience in this industry.

Our Team

Stephanie Alter

As Founder & Managing Director, Stephanie’s mission for the last 10 years has been to deliver effective, original, niche marketing, uniquely for each client. Building rich industry knowledge and a strong foundation of partners, processes, and strategy remain her core focus. She lives in New York and loves to adventure outdoors with her family and a good book!

Hopi Bradley

Hopi partners with us as Brand Strategist bringing over 15 years of expertise. Her core focus on brand marketing, content creation and advertising paired with account management acumen deliver memorable campaigns and client success. Hopi is an avid gardener, has an eye for the arts, and enjoys life in Austin with her husband and twin teenage boys. 

Alex Kemp

Alex is a marketing and communications executive with over 28 years of small and corporate business experience, largely in the transportation and logistics industry. As agency owner and principal, he led strategic planning, brand development, and tactical execution for national clients including Schneider, Con-way, Menlo Logistics, and APL Logistics. He is a dual national US/UK citizen and lives in Maine.

Larry Lawrence

After loading airfreight in the 70’s, Larry is now CMO of Pace USA and Marketing Chair on the ECA Board of Directors. As a Strategic Partner with Alter, he brings insightful leadership, while his knack for research and content writing adds value for our clients. Larry loves to learn, plays the trumpet, and cooks breakfast every morning for his wife of 50+ years.

Fred Clay

As a Design Partner, Fred brings over 20 years of design experience producing commercial art. He’s led digital and print media production, custom videos and web design in the transportation and delivery industry for over a decade. Fred brings our clients’ brands to life with creative concepts and design assets. He enjoys the outdoors and spending time on the water.

Sally Shaver

As Content Marketing Manager, Sally helps clients tell their brand story on multiple channels. She aligns brand positioning with content strategy and execution while managing a team of content writers and designers. Sally brings over 5 years of logistics experience to the team  – and is also a talented chef and caterer!

Founded on Possibilities

Alter was founded on the possibility of change. Change is something those of us in the transportation and delivery industry are all too familiar with. Supply chain issues, technology innovations, government regulations, inclement weather, driver shortages, rising fuel prices, and the list goes on. We understand change. We adapt, take advantage of opportunities, make game time decisions, and find a way to meet our targets and achieve results.

The Power of Knowledge

We also believe in the power of knowledge, as we bring industry insights to your doorstep. Together, we identify the leading topics in logistics most relevant to your audiences and investigate them thoroughly – adapting them into blog posts to keep your customers, drivers, vendors, and employees knowledgeable and informed members of the transportation industry.

Focus Your Success

Alter is here to help you focus on your success stories and amplify them to those who matter most to your business. We work with you to identify your cultural and business strengths, nurture them into stories, and share them with your audiences. 

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